How much does a Divorce Cost?

The cost of a divorce is directly proportional to the complexity of the case.  The most common variables that increase cost are contested child custody matters, followed by the failure of a party to fully disclose his/her assets and liabilities.  The most effective way to estimate the cost of a divorce is by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your goals.  Many simple divorces can be completed for a thousand dollars and complicated divorces will run higher.

What is the Divorce Statutory Waiting Period?

The statutory waiting period for a divorce without minor children is 60 days.  The statutory waiting period for a divorce with minor children is 180 days.  Typically, a divorce without minor children is completed between 60 days and 6 months.  A divorce with minor children is typically completed between 6 months and one year.  However, the legislature does provide an ability to waive the statutory waiting period for a divorce with minor children upon demonstrating undue hardship or a compelling necessity.

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